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The most suitable time for such prayers

July 01, 2021
Nightfall (GRC) - At Night We Prey

The muffled symphony She Loved The Twilight mysterious and intriguing entry sets the mysterious essence of the development of the musical fairy tale of the Nightfall (GRC) - At Night We Prey album, continuing the twilight melodism of the Killing Moon dark anthem, complementing the solemn procession of the musical march by the harsh deviations of the demonic vocal essence, which appears to speed up the musical assault in the rapid fury of a violent drive. The Darkness Forever song pumps the waves of the musical thriller, together with the rebellious vocal appeals in a single musical stream of a fierce, but discreet drive. But the chorus is constrained by musical fasting into submission to the majestic vocal speeches.
The dawn mysteriousness of the intriguing accession anticorates the muffled vocal crossing of demonic screaming, gradually spinning the flywheel of the Witches musical fairy tale until it is fully embodied in full shape. The Giants Of Anger performs the story of the vocal partyto the musical image fore, complementing his story with musical support. In the chorus, the main vocal complements the sign of music associates. The Temenos song at first continues the vocal domination in a musical entity, but then accelerates the pace and transforms the sound into a more speed, violent and angry.
Symphonic intrigue and soft chorals of the singing lady intertwine the enclosure atmosphere, complementing the soft notes of an acoustic guitar with a background guitar solo. But then the severity of the male vocal gives the sound of the Meteor Gods composition with dark solemnity. The Martyrs Of The Cult Of The Dead (Agita) continues ritual mysteriousness immediately putting forward a variable vocal essence on the forefront of the musical image. The At Night We Prey title is mostly comprised of mid & fast tempo bangers, relying on a solid foundation of heavy drumming and riffage. The Wolves In Thy Head completes the album by the fierce of vocals and music in the marching of the gloomy and violent march.