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The most precious thing is broken

January 23, 2021
Eowyn - Broken Gold (EP)

The soft vocal narration of the singing lady creates an atmosphere of romantic reflection, bringing even more emphasis on the atmosphere of romanticism and vocal reverie with the sensual tremor of the Enjoy the Silence vocals phrases.
The soft and tender ballad of the Eowyn - Broken Gold (EP) release's title track combines the gentle tremor of vocal reflections with the sad romance of musical passages intertwining in a charming dance of romantic reverie, taking you into the vastness of lost hopes and unattainable dreams.
The hopeful melodies of the vocal part captivate with trembling tenderness, complementing their phrases with a light and unobtrusive chime of guitar strings in the musical essence of the You Are Sorry? romantic ballad. Then the music brings in an interweaving of folk motifs with symphonic grandeur and vocal charm.
Well, further developing romance and melodic charm, the Dime Que Es Amor closes the album with Spanish lyrics, developing the musical essence of love experiences and romantic emotions.