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The mind sometimes takes on inexplicable forms

June 13, 2022
Fistula - Idiopathic

Laying a powerful rhythm and confident sound of a dense drive, the Firekiller composition rolls out the musical canvas of the Fistula - Idiopathic album with a viscous and harsh march. The Adversary song focuses on vocal doubts shrouded in dark and painful musical covers, then combining music and vocals in rhythmic mid-tempo pulsations.
Rhythmically, rigidly and furiously driving the piles of the introduction, the Fear Of One composition alternates such fragments with a rapid whirlwind and frantic ferocity. The Baboon musical saga stubbornly and confidently adheres to the musical axis, wrapping the vocal narrative with whirlwinds of musical passages.
The heartbeat of the musical motifs of the introduction captures the dominant position in the Shadow Of The Serpent twilight anthem, confidently and meaningfully rolling out the musical canvas before the persistent and assertive procession of vocals narration.
Darkly and sternly marching with a painful step along the chosen musical path, the A Chosen Path composition combines musical viscosity with vocal severity in a single palette of gloomy musical revelations.
The somber solemnity envelops the veils of painful memories, as if embodying all the worst echoes in the musical atmosphere of the Calamine song, and bringing the vocal part in continuation of this musical atmosphere to the foreground of the twilight step of the Cisero composition, completing the musical variations with encouraging notes of the Cocaine song, emphasizing the vocal phrases with guitars riffs.