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The mind, solving riddles, creates new

September 21, 2020
Kind - Mental Nudge

The screeching guitar riffs are crowned with inspirational vocal phrases, transforming the Broken Tweaker track into a solemn march. Whipping up waves of playful drive the Faster Number Two continues the Kind - Mental Nudge album with entertainment, creating a festive mood of the fair festival.
The viscous guitar solo of the Bad Friend intro walks into the hazy haze of musical mystery, then the vocals bring a mood of eternal significance, transforming the rhythmic pulsations of musical waves into a mesmerizing image of a twilight musical anthem. Inspirational motives of the Helms composition weave vocal phrases and musical passages into the charm of a bewitching dance, introducing progressive shades into the musical composition with the progressive fracture of the rhythm section.
Continuing the artistic progressiveness of rhythmic surprises, guitar solo brings in a sense of anxiety, then continues with vocal doubts. But then the vocals roll in waves of confidence, marching in a solemn procession of the inspired anthem. The keyboard passages of the instrumental bridges anticipate the acceleration of the tempo of the musical narration, crowned with rebellious exclamations of vocal phrases, anticipating another ascension of confidence in the It's Your Head chorus.
The title composition Mental Nudge begins with a romantic guitar solo of the introduction, reminiscent of past feelings and experiences, then the vocal part with a viscous sound draws you into the vastness of unhurried reflections. The unhurried mystery of musical mystery precedes the ascent to the surface of the musical image of vocal experiences, ending the release with the Trigger Happy composition full of questions and accusations. But the instrumental solo before the final part of the song brings waves of drive, transforming the motives of the song into encouraging inspiration, anticipating the questions and doubts of the final part.