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The mind have to be reasonable...or not?

October 13, 2016
Kayser - IV: Beyond The Reef Of Sanity

Grief burdens our thoughts and leads us to insanity Kayser - IV: Beyond The Reef Of Sanity !
Title track Beyond The Reef Of Sanity starts the chronicle without any protractions! The guitars leads irresistible progress and nobody can't stop them on the chosen path! Then they arranges respite for their rush to present vocal history for a bit, later returns to their burst untill the end.
The mysterious beginning occupies the attention and distracts from the surrounding Asphalt And Suicide. Confidently and firmly moves the composition on its changeable course at an average pace.
Solo of bass opens the I Sold My Soul (For Your Dream) tale, in tuns of which it's easy to discern hard blues motives.
Old Blanket thickens the musical atmosphere with gloomy shades, changing its nature and performance from fierce uncompromising verses to the lyrical romantic chorus.
The edge of the sword is aimed Through The Darkness, it's necessary to dissipate gloomy oppressive atmosphere, bringing pride to the melodic guitar passages, carrying the banner of honor of a knight-errant.
Is urgent to fight and strike back, there is no opportunity to whine and moan about the injustice - you and only you One Man Army, that have to take its fate. So track is powerfull and opressive because of that and ends with rhythmic insistent blows before the last chorus!
Rage and anger is unrealistic to keep inside, they overwhelm the mind and body and pulls out, smashing all obstacles in their path on Debris (Of A Dream).
Significant prolonged saga The Silent Serenade begins with viscous slow guitar riff,which turns into a sharp rhythmic motif in the hard and persistent verse. But after the vicious and furious story - lyrical romance flower blooming in the chorus. There comes a break from the quiet sounds of acoustic guitar, but then furious wrath and anger returns mustered with unknown might, emphasizing even lyrics of the chorus with its powerful influence. But it might not last until the end - it is spent and emanates into nothingness - so track ends similar to start.
From the rhythmic blows conveys to us the idea that now I'm Allergic To Life. A clear and insistent riffs sweeps that idea through space like unstoppable gust of rage and thirst for changes!
Fingering acoustic guitars complemented by drums of the marching troop, adding up to epic entry of the Dusk. Next tunes follow each other in unexpected variations, changing rhythm and pace. Describe it is possible, but pointless - it is necessary and worth listening to that impressive, heart and soul catchy song ... then - again and again, argh!