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The memories about wars can't hide away no more

September 09, 2016
Sabaton - The Last Stand (Limited Edition)

There was a lot of wars with many battles in the history of mankind, Sabaton - The Last Stand (Limited Edition) retrieves great deal in common of a huge amount of these events!
About 300 of warriors that stood against many thousands of opponents Sparta tells us, "Sparta will never surrender"! Rhythms and melodies changes each other in the cycle of life and death, but the 300 Spartans never retreat - forever left a mark on human memories!
At the World War I was a lot of controversial issues, that different people perceive at their own way - but Serbian soldiers defended their honor 'till the Last Dying Breath!
Bagpiper calls the scotish wariors to march on the batle agains the blody enemy. United! United they march to spill their blood, to mix it with the Blood Of Bannockburn.
Brief soldier memories from the Diary Of An Unknown Soldiertake us back to a sad and grim cases of the World War I, continue the memory of the last months of this terrible War, which claimed millions of lives The Lost Battalion would not agree to surrender, can't accept abusive conditions - will fight to the last breath under the epic upbeat music on the background.
But not all of the war were merely between empires in Europe - empires stretched the tentacles of their colonies all over the world, Rorke's Drift - but the natives fought for independence without fear or reproach!
The turning point in the history of Europe describes title trach The Last Stand, Many events of the past Soviet-Afghan War will be remembered for centuries, fight for the Hill 3234 in livly powerful manner will inspire all of us with another interpretation of the memories - which have assigned by the 9th company.
Rapid intro quietly opens the cover of the chronicles of the battle of Shiroyama. Verse carefully measured reasons of honor and dignity, the chorus vividly displays - 500 samurai armed with katana will yield countless soldiers with firearms. That's a fact.
On the wings of glory rushing Winged Hussars, carrying terror to their enemies. They bring the blade over the Ottoman army and inflict a crushing blow!
Unhurriedly beats the rhythm into consciousness, The Last Battle describes unique battle, which unite opposing until now - powerful riffs combined German and American soldiers in the resistance to SS hydra.
Chronicle of the memories have complemented by bonuses - rethought in today's understanding of the story of the Vietnam War Camouflage (Stan Ridgway Cover) and mention of the fact that All Guns Blazing (Judas Priest cover).