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The lord of darkness is prone to temptations

April 30, 2020
Burning Witches - Dance with the Devil

The supply of The Incantation violent resistance ends with an incredible fury, then rolling out Burning Witches - Dance with the Devil vocal Lucid Nightmare rage.Enchanting guitars hypostasis creates an unclear Dance with the Devil perceptios.
Rapidly and violently bursting into the musical essence Wings of Steel overpay vocals patrs and guitar passages in a rampant dance. Powerfully and maliciously capturing the vocal narrative into the harsh essence of a musical thriller, Six Feet Underground then complements the vocal essence with an epic essence. The Black Magic ballad tunes and the crying of the singing lady set a nervous expectation A sea of thought and expectation - what to expect? Sea of Lies vocals and music are extolled by the hardening of the eyes and drive. The Sisters of Fate music complements the vocal bitterness with a stern drive.
Wandering around with a powerful and tough procession of stern march Necronomicon then displays the vocal narrative of the foreground. >At first The Final FightThe Final Fight then bursts into unbridled fury.Threefold Return embodies fierce expectations. Battle Hymn (Manowar cover) (feat. Ross the Boss, Michael Lepond) complements these expectations by rethinking music legends