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The lord of darkness impresses with his influence

March 18, 2020
Yoth Iria - Under His Sway (EP)

The noise of the wind and the mysterious notes of the musical narrative erect an epic veil of unclear expectations, then the vocals from the background begin the mysterious predictions, then weaving the musical mystery around the vocal narration is mesmerized by the sound of the title track of the Yoth Iria - Under His Sway (EP) release, sometimes complementing the vocal part with background chorales, like invisible spirits, comrades and pro-adeps with their chants.
The gloomy musical motifs advance through the viscous fog of impenetrable gloom through a painful procession, then, after the mysterious sign of the melodic passage, the Sid Ed Djinn music explodes with a furious drive, then marches from the vocal part along the border between drive rage and epic melody. With the wordless chants of the singing lady, the vocal part brings shades of oriental folklore into the musical composition, then the music returns to the main motive, entangling the vocal part with bewitching tapes of a sparkling guitar solo, charming with impressive melody.
This musical creation ends with a tribute to musical legends - first exploding with a whirlwind of furious drive, then embodying their own interpretation of the Visions of The Dead Lovers ( Rotting Christ cover) unforgettable composition.