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The Lord chooses all, not otherwise

December 07, 2019
Sodom - Chosen by the Grace of God (EP)

The power, explosion and unrestrained stream of musical drive awakens the expectations of fans of this band and the whole style. However, Down on Your Knees introduces melodic variations and mysterious omens by rolling pulsating variations in the instrumental bridge starts the Sodom - Chosen by the Grace of God (EP) relase. Viscously, painfully and significantly One Step Over the Line expands the stylistic framework of the musical narrative, rolling a meaningful march and continuing the outline of the musical narrative. Swift guitar passages add the fury expected from the style, but Predatory Instinct vocals phrases add significance ... eh, your humble servant is forgotten in the description ... listen! Do not delve into, listen!
Scattering doubts and dispelling rejection, the guitar solo of the introduction prepares for the perception of the Lifeline main motive, rushing in a rampant flow along with vocal experiences. The pulsating solo bass and drum roll variations are preceding the vocal confessions that complete the Inside My Crosshairs musical creation with very bright revelations .... dear, did any of you consider trash metal to be monotonous and boring? Bind yourself and set yourself on fire if you continue to believe so!