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The lips of these succubus are venomous, be wary of their charms

December 18, 2017
Nightrage - The Venomous (Japanese Edition)

Soft, gentle, enchanting introduction begins the title track of the Nightrage - The Venomous (Japanese Edition) album, then this bewitching melody shrouds in powerful instrumental support and furious, significant vocal parts, though it does not hide its bright and memorable leitmotif. In the instrumental part, power and drive retreat, bringing to the fore an exceptionally melodic guitar solo.
Already in the introduction, the screeching darkness of the black mist Metamorphosis/Day Of Wrath is then carried away in a swift stream of furious drive. In the bridge, before the chorus, lofty guitar passages appears, opening completely in the chorus and guitar solo after it.
Preceding the In Abhorrence main part, the guitar break creates an atmosphere of dreams, into which a furious drive breaks in, then in a chorus, stepping back in front of a melodic, charming guitar passage.
The middle temp march Affliction marches along the chosen path, twisting the vortexes of its main motif around the vocal phrases, above them like a flock of birds or tape of banners, all instrumental tunes wovens with the guitar solo into single musical image with the rest of the instruments in the chorus, in which the vocals, on the contrary, is decomposing into different growling and clean streams.
A dreamy melody sets the atmosphere of dreams and romantic desires in Catharsis intro, then a verse raises a furious drive. In the chorus, instrumental part and final artwork, these contrasting musical ideas are combined in a single dance.
Meditations and forebodings are combined in the introduction Bemoan then after the melodic guitar passage, sweeping the style of drive that is peculiar to the style, enveloped in these exciting melodies. Again, brightly and comprehensively, these melodies appears in the chorus.
Epic melodies inherent in a more light and rapid musical style pierces the The Blood composition, from time to time, interrupted by powerful changeable breaks.
Continuing the epic memories of ancient legends, ancient tales and vivid memories, the souls of unforgettable ancestors From Ashes Into Stone complements them with periodic feedings of the power of rage.
Medieval bardic saga Trail Of Ghosts, that have paved so long way in spaces and ages as the epic ballad, covers our hearts with important and significant tales about the path of ghosts, which they will pass again and again.
Rapid fury, combined with enchanting melodies, write out bright passages again and again, creating so fascinating Disturbia musical canvas.
A fascinating melodic atmosphere Desolation And Dismay enthralls all of us in its fetters, enveloping in its sensual bright and enchanting passages, embracing all with vocal phrases, not allowing you to escape from this charming music even for a moment!
The charming instrumental romance Denial Of The Soul completes the album, the guitar bust creates such pensive soft and gentle melodies. However, even more sublime reinterpretation of the Denial Of The Soul (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track) romance, in which the guitar motifs entwine keyboard passages, creating so majestic and fascinating background for guitar party postpone and complete the album ending.