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The likes of these will survive everywhere

August 02, 2021
No Living Witness, 2019 -  Holocaust

The storyteller on the radio reads a forgotten history about the kingdom of darkness, but then The Offering music is being built by the swirl of the unrestrained drive together with vocal reflections that combine screaming and growling. The Happy Trails song continues the mystical atmosphere of the No Living Witness - Holocaust album, wrapping the dense and saturated drive of guitar riffs with background essays of keyword reflections of entry and the combination of vocal phrases in the future sound. The chorals and singers create a brief accession, then the musical power of the Final Contact composition together with vocals rage creates greatness of gloomy symphony.
The keyboard joining the entry is artistically and impressively ask the sound of a leitmotif, piercing the sound of the Emerging Ascension track with a bright and sparkling blade of the honed music symphony. Being a violent gloomy fairy tale, the Invocation Of The Adversary song fascinates the unity of melodes, drive and musical unstability. Symphonic keyboards continue their influence in the sound of the Branded By Flame, combined with the variative manifestations of the drive and musical power.
The Pour The Poison immediately announces its title, putting forward a vocal party to the front of the sound and maintaining vocal alternations with changes in musical essence. The Cascadia music and vocals intertwined in an exciting dance, fascinating in the wanderings on the twilight haze of forgotten fairy tales. A soft guitar background with rain noise and a grove against the background of the atmosphere of bard ballad in the Deterioration intro. But then the music and vocals develop these bard hunters in accordance with the style of power and drive, complementing the musical rage by the sparkling artistry of symphonic shades. The Separate Ways completes the album with pulsating notes of the dark anthem, while maintaining its stylistic features.