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The light is better seen from the darkness

June 23, 2023
Frozen Land (FIN) - Out Of The Dark

Whirling like a whirlwind in the energetic flight of guitar riffs, the King's A Bitch song crowns them with vocals narration, starting the musical path of the Frozen Land (FIN) - Out Of The Dark album with an exciting combination of symphonic musical shades and vocal inspiration, continuing the sound of the symphonic charm of The Prophecy musical fairy tale, complementing it with dreamy variations of the vocals story and a variety of musical transformations.
An energetic guitar solo and a whirlwind of rapid drive combine unbridled musical fury with vocal inspiration and veils of artistic melody in a single musical stream of the Dying Of The Light song, followed by the brooding charm and mesmerizing pacification of the Don't You Ever Leave Me brooding ballad with the enchanting unity of music and vocals in a joint artistic charm.
The Northern Star musical fairy tale combines vocals emotionality and the enchanting lace of a sparkling musical symphony, sparkling with icy reflections of northern legends and fairy tales, followed by a rhythmic affirmation of the White Lightning musical path, crowned with a vocals narrative and embellished with the pensive charm of a sparkling musical background and vocals ascensions. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo brings fascinating shades of oriental motifs and melodic improvisations, anticipating the final fragment of the musical artwork.
The title track of the Out Of The Dark album, after a brief preparation for the introduction, brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the vocal phrases with impressive and exciting musical support with melodic artistry in the instrumental bridges, then turning to modern trends in musical creativity, complementing The Slayer track with the influence of popular and dance music, developing these trends with the influence of Latin American culture, giving the Señorita final composition of the album a kind of special charm.