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The last stage of the battle

May 26, 2021
Amon Sethis - Part II: The Final Struggle

The Prelude to Chaos twilight tale of a mysterious old man and the instrumental charm of acoustic musical passages with the percussion softness of tambourines begins the Amon Sethis - Part II: The Final Struggle concept album dedicated to the legends and myths of ancient Egypt. The sound of the Shadow the Light song envelops vocal phrases full of sensual emotions and sparkling inspiration with a soft chime of string passages.
Twilight march of the Pharaoh's Army walks in a leisurely procession through the dry winds of a lifeless desert, rhythmically driving musical steps into the earth's firmament. The vocal part brings its inspired narration, full of doubts and emotions, to the forefront of the Hope musical image. The Aissem Tenemra track accelerates the musical tempo, transforming unhurried thoughts with a rapid race of drive, weaving a compositional structure close to a musical thriller into the introduction. But the vocal part of the verse again transforms the sound to a leisurely march, complementing the sound with echoes of the intro to the chorus.
The Eyes of the Sun romantic ballad combines a musical symphony that begins with an acoustic chiming of guitar strings with the charm of a vocal part, in which the male lead vocals add to the charm of the majestic phrases of the singing lady. The Ateravis the Commander song's progressive musical variations complement the background vocal tunes and oriental folklore in instrumental parts. Crowning the dance of unyielding drive with the covers of symphonic charm of the Exterminate the Earth composition continues the combination of folklore shades with musical charm. The vocals at first escalate to a stern growling, but then returns to clean vocals filled with aggressive emotions, then alternating them over and over again.
The sound of the Far Beyond Death song is full of disturbing emotions and premonitions of the coming wars and disasters. The Final Struggle title track concludes the concept album with a separate creation, combining and uniting all stylistic nuances and vocal transformations embodied in the album.