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The last lightning will illuminate the mysteries of darkness

October 03, 2022
Last Lightning - Last Lightning

Intensely, persistently and assertively, the title track begins the musical story of the Last Lightning - Last Lightning album, rolling the musical passages of the main motive with waves of guitar riffs, raising inspirational shades of vocals phrases to their crest. After a bright guitar solo of the introduction, the musical motifs of the Still Dead composition unite in an exciting unity and twist in the musical flow of a sparkling artistic musical pattern.
The whirlwind of the guitar riff wraps around the vocal frenzy, being carried away by a swift whirlwind of artistic unity and taking you on a dreamy flight, diversifying the screaming vocals with pure dreams and captivating with bright guitar solos in the instrumental bridges of the Hate song, which is continued by the epic guitar solo of the Empty Funeral intro, then retreating before the emotional vocal pressure and creating a bewitching alternation of musical styles and genre shades of musical lace.
Captivating with echoes of minstrel ballads and medieval bardic tales in the acoustic sound of the guitar solo of the intro, the Unholy Ritual epic saga then embodies these motifs and musical echoes in a more militant, powerful restrained drive, maintaining the melodic charm in the artistic unity of musical passages, anticipating the melodic emotionality of the introduction of The Other Side final album's composition that is artistically creating romantic atmosphere with the help of melodic ballad musical passages and captivating vocals thoughtfulness.