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The Knights! We have to keeps our shields together!

November 11, 2017
Serenity (AUT) - Lionheart

Epic and enchanting saga Deus Lo Vult, opens the album Serenity (AUT) - Lionheart (CD 1) with United introduction, continuing his ideas and thoughts with the subsequent composition, supplementing it with vocal images. !
So bright and fast title track Lionheart continues with the mulm of its rampant thought. But the vocal reflects, inspiring thought - but for a short while - speed, drive and zeal to achieve. Power and fury Hero continues the sound of the album, unrestrainedly anticipating the vocal phrases with musical moves. Power and fury Rising High continues the sound of the album, unrestrainedly anticipating the vocal phrases with musical moves. Then a comprehensive and unrestrained ballad, but - the heroes do not have time to release! Mysterious ballad Heaven brings British folk motifs. Further, the thoughtfulness of the main motive does not allow one to be distracted by other meditations, the singing lady hinders this.
Instrumental desires King's Landing appeal to heroic hearts, turning them to the accomplishments of former ideals. Recalling the main motive of the album in acoustic urges, Eternal Victory hears instrumental thoughts in an uncontrollable dance.
The bellicose speeches Stand And Fight in the solemn speech are rapidly rushing to further changes.
So soft folklore ballad The Fortress (Of Blood And Sand) that unites oriental motifs in a harsh narrative honors its aspirations in further urges.
Even more solemn continuation of previous aspirations the Empire vocals are trying to be a baritone or even a bass - but the tenor's triumph is above all!
A soft piano, pensive songs envelop in a pensive entry My Fantasy, then sweeping the music at an average pace.
Filled with an acoustic ballad, The Final Crusade completes the album meaningfully and solemnly.

Processing songs from previous albums and their bright presentation encompasses the sound of the Serenity (AUT) - Lionheart (CD 2) album with vivid images.
Engraved Within (Piano Version), When Canvas Starts To Burn (Piano Version), Coldness Kills (Piano Version), To India's Shores (Death & Legacy), Youngest Of Widows (Death & Legacy).