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The king of world of fools

January 12, 2022
Peterson's Powertrip - Ill Conduct

The drumming builds up waves of discontent and indignation, completing the intro with a bright guitar solo and pumping up waves of furious A World Of Fools musical thriller, topped with vocal indignation. Again dense and assertive the Hail The King composition continues the musical canvas of the Peterson's Powertrip - Ill Conduct album, somewhat calming the musical rage and harshness with the introduction of the vocals in the verse. Dense drum roll anticipates the further development of the Portals To A New Age song, in which after the initial drive the melody of musical passages and vocal phrases appears.
The instrumental solo of the Bass Intermezzo instrumental track charms with improvised bass guitar and serves as an introduction to the next chapter of the album, in which the sparkling melody of the Infernal Rites song offers unexpected joy, combining power, drive with fierce pressure and the charm of the harsh guitar passages that anticipate the introduction of the meaningful vocals. The Immortal Warrior intro guitar solo enchants with echoes of epic sagas, continuing with a twilight tale with the introduction of the vocals, then building waves of restrained drive. After intriguing introduction the Alone track soars in a whirlwind of sparkling spiraling guitar solo, compacting and dimensionally speeding up the musical procession, hammering in a furious threshing of instrumental bridges. Echoes of inferno rituals culminate in a frenzy of the Fields Of Hellish Torment unrestrained musical thriller, a sound that true thrash metal fans have clearly come to expect, anticipating the bass guitar solo together with vocal reflections in the introduction of the Nightmares Come True final composition of the album.