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The incredible sometimes comes out of the shadows

March 20, 2020
Mokoma - Ihmissokkelo

The intriguing instrumental Intro begins the musical narrative with a mysterious mystery, enveloping in a mystical haze of unclear omens that breaks the fast-moving drive and the unbridled vocal anger of the Ilmoitusluontoista asiaa as a stern musical thriller. In the chorus, the vocals roll out a mid-tempo musical canvas of confident significance.
While transforming the vocal part with inspirational chants of clean vocals, which summarizes the gloomy feature of the harsh, Vuoret, huolet introducing some trends of rebellious recitative. The instrumental part captivates with mysterious melody, interrupting in the final fragment with a stern rhythmic chorus, anticipating the title track of the Mokoma - Ihmissokkelo album, slowly and pensively raising the banners of the majestic anthem, alternating the harsh vocal phrases of exhausted warriors and inspired tunes of an enchanting guitar solo and inspired tunes of dreamy clean vocals.
Hardening musical waves to the dense sound of a severe drive, entwining the musical narrative with mysterious tapes of guitar solo Tuhat ei riita complements this bitterness with growling vocals. Removing musical fury, Toinen ihminen surrounds vocal phrases with thoughtful musical trends, combined with vocal reflections to inspire an exciting ballad. The pulsating march of traditional metal is entangled in intriguing obscurity, then continuing the march in the Pimea aine as medium-tempo march, raising vocal phrases to the top of the waves of rhythmic musical pulsation. But the chorus brings some shades of romanticism. But Yopuoli is again carried away in an unbridled race of musical drive, again hardening the vocal part before the furious growling, then the vocals are transformed again with clear tunes, complementing the sound of an epic saga. Leikin loppu continues the toughness of fierce growling, introducing some shades of northern folklore.
After a whirlwind of intriguing introduction, Jaljet develops its motives into the tunnel of the main motive, through which doubts of vocals phrases entangled in obscure expectations embodied in instrumental bridges are carried away in a rapid race to the chorus musical inspiration. Continuing the musical narrative with a harsh drive, Syyttava sormi captivates with the power of a harsh action movie, with the introduction of vocals transforming into a tight twilight march, obeying the fighting vocal appeals of a fierce fighting recitative. Huomenna voikin olla niin completes the album with the inspirational grandeur of an incredibly melodic ballad, raising the chalice of dreams of clean vocals.