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The humors against the rummors

September 17, 2021
Dugre, Ryan -  The Humors

A soft chime acoustic guitar creates an inspired atmosphere for listening to the Ryan Dugre - The Humors album, starting it from a thoughtful melody of the Iris Tide composition. The Mateo Alone track creates an even more thoughtful atmosphere, occasionally complementing the sound of the chime of bells.
Echoes of the Bali wanderings create a lyric atmosphere, complementing the instrumental sizes with a muted background of vocal chorals and violin notes.
The New June and Smoke From Above compositions create an atmosphere of romantic bliss, fascinating on the expanses of dreams and sparkling echoes of joyful memories.
Thinking and thrust for adventures are embodied in the Wild Common music's sound, embodying the expectations of adventure and changes. The High Cloud again and re-emphasizes its main motive, confidently holding its path.
Romantic meditation of the Tonight guitars passages is returned to the peaceful and cozy atmosphere of native land. The Humors title composition supports the calm and thoughtful atmosphele, slowly silent the guitar chime along the way of unity with its own essence, ompleting this musical narration by the completion of unity in the sound of the In Tall Grass track.