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The horse wearily follows an unknown path

September 02, 2023
Yellow Horse - Lost Trail

Rhythmically, energetically, the I Still Wonder song marches along the chosen musical path, raising vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves, continuing the musical narrative of the Yellow Horse - Lost Trail musical album with a thoughtful and mysterious ballad of the title track, complementing the acoustic guitar chime with background echoes of spicy musical motifs of the wild west, which are even more clearly and sonorously embodied in the twilight atmosphere of the sound of the Country Boy composition, combining rhythmic guitar passages with an inspired step of vocals lyrics.
The musical artistry of the I Got to Go song accentuates the bewitching sound of the musical style of southern rock around the emotional vocal inspiration, rolling out the enchanting musical canvas of the Burning Love composition for the significant sound of the vocal part, accompanying the enchanting acoustic chime of the guitar strings in a joint romantic charm, somewhat pacifying and restraining the musical tempo in the twilight mystery of the sound of the Sanayka Stories ballad, shrouded in shades and notes of blues.
Romantic musical melodies envelop the bewitching atmosphere of the Afraide of Love bard ballad, combining vocal reflections with the charm of an acoustic guitar and background melodies of wind instruments, continuing the unhurried musical pace in a short introduction, ending with the My Little Girl epic saga with echoes of military marches and the medieval fairy tales. The Dear Lord composition returns to the style of the wild west, combined with a bewitching acoustic guitar sound, continuing and completing the album with the twilight mystery of the Dark Moon song.