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The hidden will become apparent

January 01, 2021
Sculptor (BRA) - Untold Secrets

The Interlude brooding keyboards solo creates the atmosphere of the Sculptor (BRA) - Untold Secrets album's intro, then complements the sound with a mesmerizing guitar solo. The No Control begins with melodic guitar reflections, setting the mood of saddened doubts, then complementing the musical cover with vocal indignation. The Redemption continues the musical narration with a sad melody, combining harsh and screaming vocals.
Enchanting with the romantic inspiration of the Beyond Madness intro's guitar solo, while retaining the melody, it brings a harsh fury with vocal indignation. Slightly accelerating the tempo of the music, the Born to Be Slave marches on the verge of a mid-tempo march while maintaining ballad romanticism. The Embrace Yourself charms with melodic passages and creates an atmosphere of majestic romance. The vocals are transformed from harsh and growling into sad melodies of clean vocals, then combining clean vocals with growling in a duet. The Empty Space begins with a melodic guitar solo, then brings vocal disappointment to the fore in the musical image.
After the twilight mystery of the intro, the Requiem weaves the lace of a dark anthem. Setting the mood of the battle march by intro, the Untouchable Truth then marching in a mid-tempo procession, subordinating the musical stylistics to vocal instructions. The romantic guitar solo captivates listeners, then intertwines with the Wake Me up When the Pain Goes Away vocals in a mesmerizing dance of a sad ballad. The final composition of the album Watch Rope preserves the mood of its stylistic, alternating screaming and growling in the vocals.