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The hard core was enveloped by ghostly trends

February 18, 2019
American Tears - Hard Core

Dark motifs envelop the reflections of the verse with depressive notes, raising the banners of a sad symphony in the chorus, emphasizing American Tears - Hard Core album's title in each line of the lyrics. Carnivore continues the sad notes, but complements the stylistic framework of the album with blues influences at the beginning, then weaving them with some kind of wave drive in the instrumental part, completing with interlacing instrumental solos with some jazz influences. The whirlwinds of keyboard passages are interlaced in the fascinating lace of progressive tunes, artistically creating an enchanting musical canvas, first in the Lost in Time song, then bringing vocal phrases to the Fyre forefront, but keyboard solos in instrumental breeches intrigue progressive delicacies.
In a middle tempo rhythm, the dancer is enveloped in a fascinating background woven from keyboard passages, among which the narrator, full of doubts and feelings, narrates, jumping from stone to stone on the Smoke and Mirrors song's path.
The majestic symphony of the entry fascinates with a wave of inspired symphony, vocals fascinatingly develops the charming sound of The Ferryman ballad.
The electronic impulses of futuristic omens pulsate with the mysterious mystery of future omens, weaving the main theme of the modernist sound of the Nuclear composition. Tear Gas, re-mastered version of the band's old song, continues the futuristic electronic motifs, but then the blues atmosphere comes to the fore and brings habitual motifs to the forefront of the musical image.
Sparkling keyboards passages line up the radiant lace of the main motive, elevating the Lords of Light to the fabulous celestial pedestals.
Weaving electronic instrumental breaks and sophisticated and sad reflections of vocal Deplorable weaves several musical genres and styles in a single composition. Giving significance to the main motive, Bottoms Up leaves the dominant role in the composition of keyboard improvisations, complementing their experiences with vocal phrases. In the finale of the song, a wave drive manifests itself and the emergence of hard rock appears. But the album is completed by the inspirational lyrics of the At Last instrumental symphony with chorals on the background.