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The grim tale in a gloomy haze

July 04, 2021
Spectre Beneath - The Downfall of Judith King

The vocal monologue begins the musical narration of the The Spectre Beneath - The Downfall of Judith King conceptual album, then combining the There Are Cameras in the Dolls vocals and music in the fascinating dance with enchanting acceleration. The Teach Yourself Guitar (Step 2) complements the musical sound by accents of musical samples and unity of the musical drive and vocal emotions.
The cries of crows anticipate the explosion of a frantic drive that retains the melodious charm in the sound of the As the Crows Peck At Your Bones song, the pace for the entry into the vocal emotionality of a singing lady. The Downfall of Judith King title composition of the album begins with a soft chime acoustic guitar, whining the vocal reflections of the female vocal with soft vortices of a minstrel ballad. Then the guitar solo brings their trends into the sound of a majestic anthem of a musical fairy tale.
After the intriguing accession, the Mrs Lovett's Pies explodes the fury of the musical thriller, combining the rage of the musical drive and the charm of artistic melodes. Charming emotional atmosphere, the Fragmented recreates a sparky castle of romantic ballad.
The heartbeat and sounds of medical equipment together with the muffled born of The Birth of Judith King child by the children's virtual developing musical arrangements of The Plotting of Judith King saddened composition, which joins the dull and painful reflection of acoustic guitar and vocal sadness. The Abduction of Olivia Soams is the magnificent chapels of the solemn hymn, bringing the magnifications of vocal emotions to the musical procession and progressive breaks of musical variations. The Questioning of Olivia Soams completes the musical narration of the album an elevated symphony, combined with the wounded plenty of vocal fairy tale.