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The greatest divine affairs

June 11, 2023
Akilla - The Gods Have Spoken

The sound of the wind and the distant echoes of natural spirits are completed by a fascinating melodic guitar solo that sets the main motive of the Winds Of Winter composition, then crowned with a charikhmatic narration of the vocal part, continuing the dominance of guitar riffs in the soaring of the bewitching dance of the Serpent & The Son composition, wrapping the vocal lyrics in whirlwinds of guitar passages in the continuation of the musical narrative of the Akilla - The Gods Have Spoken album, accelerating the tempo and complementing the sound with melodic notes in instrumental bridges.
Accelerating the tempo in the introduction, the Queen Of Heaven song then brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical again and again, varying the tempo and style of the sound, then progressively complicating the musical variations in the careful preparation of the sound of the Song Of The Seafarers epic saga, combining symphonic charm and battle march.
Intriguing with a distant drum roll, the sound of the Blood And Bone song combines mid-tempo musical variations, rhythmic march, melodic charm of guitar riffs and confident vocal significance, continuing the musical story with a confident procession of the vocal part of the Cosmica composition with the support of confident musical accompaniment.
The Gods Have Spoken album's title track captivates with the guitar solo of the intro, then brings the vocal part to the forefront of the verse, combining vocal lyrics and guitar passages in a joint artistic chorus dance, then concluding the album's musical narrative with the mesmerizing sound of the Echo instrumental ballad, combining guitar variations and keyboard passages in symphonic charm.