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The generation of new forms of being requires further study

August 26, 2019
 Origin (USA) - Abiogenesis: A Coming Into Existence

The vague echoes of distant thunder end with an alternation of screaming and growling in the vocal part, transforming Insanity into a mesmerizing guitar solo. Then Mauled continues the Origin (USA) - Abiogenesis: A Coming Into Existence album with an explosion of furious drive, sweeping any barriers from the musical path with an unrestrained music stream. Then the alternation of screaming and growling changes the sound of the composition to a mid-tempo march.
The sound of a circular saw sets the Autopsied Alive mood, exploding with a nervous scream of screaming and passing a verdict by growling. Spastic Regurgitation continues to read the verdict, meaningfully and confidently placing the prosecution in a clear mid-tempo order. The majestic guitar solo brings the spirit of ancient tales and legends, complementing the Bleed as Me composition in the final part with vocal phrases. Then Mind Asylum first explodes in a whirlwind of rampant drive, but then turns into thoughtfulness, but again returns to the rapid twists around vocal phrases. Playful Infestation musical passages culminates in swift musical vortexes rushing around vocal variations like a swarm of furious wasps. Brief thoughts of clean vocals culminates in the Murderer unbridled stream of destructive drive. Lethal Manipulation (The Bonecrusher Chronicles) continues the drive with a pulsating mid-tempo march, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image with a proud growling. Sociocide continues the procession of the mid-tempo march with abrupt growling cries in the foreground, complementing the vocal variations with background exclamations of screaming. Vocal growling remains at the forefront of the Manimal Instincts musical image, playfully dancing in a mysterious waltz under the ragged musical passages. Harsh growl exclamations Inner Reflections (The Pain from Within) completes the album with meaningful combat speeches, raising the significance of the narrative to the forefront of musical artwork.