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The garrison of the castle awaits for the warlord's orders

May 19, 2017
Pyramaze - Contingent

So epic and diverse musical palette Pyramaze - Contingent sorts out the emotional experiences like bard fingering strings of lute!
Starting like solemn, significant and mysterious melody Land of Information combines drive and melody in a single stream of musical idea. The keyboards passage, exalted like glorious banner above the main motive, comes to the forefront of the musical image in the instrumental solo.
Adorable keyboard and musical motifs create an epic atmosphere of Kingdom of Solace, the drive of powerful drum parts creates its foundation, vocal delights arise with bright flashes of emotion in a dense musical stream.
The leitmotif pierces the entire Star Men composition like an unyielding blade, vocal phrases and guitar riffs circling around him, as if about an axis.
Starting with the soft, sensual piano motif, A World Divided turns into an annoying but charming ballad, brightening up gloomy guitar tunes with encouraging vocal phrases and sublime keyboard additions.
The solemn, majestic and delightful Nemesis introduction turns into the rhythmic, broken, rushing drive. But the melody of this introduction returns in the choruses, embracing with the solemn significance.
First part of the title track Contingent, part I: The Campaign intrigues with mysterious keyboard motifs, turning into a proud muffled march, preparing for the violent, powerful and rich sounding 20 Second Century, who prefers a powerful drive to the slew rate - but periodically changing their roles. Obsession continues powerful, tough and tenacious drive, saturating the surrounding space with explosions of vocal phrases and instrumental rage, entwined with melodious keyboard delights.
Powerful and furious instrumental motifs surround a whirlwind of burning wind, first a key passage, then vocal phrases, clearly and resolutely playing through the rich sound of the Heir Apparent song.
Majestic Contingent, part II: The Hammer of Remnant solemnly completes the title track, adorably sighing keyboards into a single musical image.
Mysterious changeable Under Restraint intrigues by the mist of imaginary dreams, inspiring to further action and future discoveries.
A charming, romantic melody The Tides That Won't Change encompasses the gentle vocal phrases of singing lady, combined in so charming ballad. Then the gentleman picks up the banner of the enchanting ballad, and with the lady carries it through the dreams to the sun's rays.
Symphony of Tears completes the album with an energetic and encouraging drive, supporting melodious keyboards with sonorous and persistent guitar riffs and emotional vocal turns.