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The games are so different

December 14, 2020
My Dying Bride - Macabre Cabaret (EP)

The title track starts the musical narration of the My Dying Bride - Macabre Cabaret (EP) release, combining emotional outbursts with the inspirational swirls of emotional vocals with the harsh solemnity of a dark symphony dominated by meaningful growling. But sometimes stylistic contrasts and musical variations combine in a single musical stream, enchanting with the majestic unity of such irreconcilable contrasts of the musical essence into the sound of a single musical creation.
The introduction unhurriedly unrolls the mystery of the musical canvas, as if the echoes of ancient hymns and pensive fairy tales enchant with obscure mystery. Then, a tactile part with inspirational tunes of clean vocals complements the charm of the sound of A Secret Kiss composition, enveloping the vocal tunes with the solemnity of a mesmerizing symphony.
The final composition of the release A Purse of Gold and Stars weaves an intriguing lace of intrigue, then leisurely marching vocal narration through a twilight haze of epic mystery, beginning with brooding inspiration from clean vocals and continuing with the restrained severity of growling vocals.