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The future will bring redemption as well as reckoning

November 24, 2021
Endseeker - Mount Carcass

The viscous and lingering guitar solo foreshadows the development of the rushing musical race of the main motif of the Unholy Rites song, spinning the flywheel of the musical narrative of the Endseeker - Mount Carcass album in a swift whirl of a deadly dance with sparks of melodic charm. The Merciless Tide composition more rhythmically and persistently hammering in the steps of its way, insistently and persistently paving the chosen musical path of rhythmic march, which more confidently and meaningfully marches in the sound of the Bloodline introduction, rolling waves of militant tenacity with vocal phrases and the significance of the charm of the guitar solos.
The title track Mount Carcass explodes with the frenzy of a musical thriller, bringing a whirlwind of furious drive and vocal frenzy. The Count the Dead song returns to a mid-tempo march, creating a gothic dusk and gloomy fairy tale feel with the guitar solo of the main motif. The Cult song speeds up the musical narrative, bringing to the sound echoes of old and forgotten motifs, but with the introduction of the vocals, it varies the tempo again and again.
Dusk, power, and fury are intertwined in a bright unity of music and vocals, taking you on a breathtaking journey of the Moribund song, developing into a furious whirlwind of drive of the Frantic Redemption composition. And the final point is made by the memory on the main soundtrack of the Escape from New York (John Carpenter cover) legendary film of the former century.