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The frames and shades of the mind changes over and over again

April 06, 2017
Algol (Ita) - Mind Fr@mes

Mind was researched, studied and will be studied - but all of Algol (Ita) - Mind Fr@mes will never be discovered, studied and cognized properly!
A wonderful melody is woven into a single pattern Falling Down with so fierce, mighty drive, ascending to the top in a chorus. The vortex of the guitar solo pushes the pace to the top, the keyboard passage sweeps over the musical image like ghostly haze.
Rhythmic power turns dancing in the dance Imp of Perverse, this round dance is the main motive of the composition, vocal phrases thicken and darken the sound, denying musical fun.
Leisurely stepping Ego Shield clear rhythm sweps into rapid rush in the verse along with a wonderful key passage, arranging the respite in the chorus, then in instrumental solo - for the next jerk with the respite at the end. Gloomy but charming melody Together as Divide combines together, but distances from each other keyboards improvisations and vortexes of guitar riffs. The vocal part steps confidently and gently in the middle of this confrontation.
The changes in rhythm, pace and speed, unites in the vortex of volatile music of Chaotic Muse, combining different images in verses, bridges and choruses.
Thoughtful, painful The Outsider phrases of clean vocals creates grim, dark atmosphere but the rapid musical rush and the change of vocals to growling tends to disperse the condensed atmosphere. In the instrumental section, keyboard and guitar are fighting for the top of attention.
Power, anger and concentrated energy surround the confidence of The Believer, The Agnostic and the Brutal Truth with the vortex of guitar and keyboards frills, enveloping in the dense, oppressive atmosphere of an unshakable order of true sight.
Gentle guitar fingering starts Claws of Fate tale, then turning into narrative at an average pace, creeping into the rapid roll after hard strikes. The chorus repeats this striking power, hammering the tacts with hard phrases. The composition ends as well as it begins
Rapidly evolving Paranoia, rushing in violent jerks from side to side. In the bridge, these convulsive crazy throws wrapped in a straitjacket, in the chorus it wraps the body and mind in the fetters of restraint. But the mind can not be held in such simple bonds - paranoia continues to be agonizing madness.
Dazed by Pain completes the album, combining the rapid flight of unrestrained verses, bridge breathing space and a rhythmic, melodic and inspired chorus.