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The fog of ancient fairy tales envelops as obscure mystery

April 18, 2020
Gravespawn - The Elder Darkness

The bewitching twilight of The Primordial Dynasty ancient sacrament with dubious chorales weaves gloomy veils around a vocal narrative that begins with growling, which yields to screaming. A furious drive with a harsh stream of musical fury continues the Gravespawn - The Elder Darkness album, but the vocals of Hexenturm song appeals to thoughts and sacred sacraments.
The Sons of Mars vocals narrative comes to the fore, then enveloping itself in the solemn dusk of the musical narrative, pulsating rhythm brings a touch of dance, weaving music and vocals in a bewitching waltz. Curse of the Ruins is rapidly rushing into the rampant stream of furious drive.
The inspirational grandeur of the beginning recedes with the deadly blades of the Cocytus Winds Ascend rampant drive. The gloomy procession of The Dreadful Eye dark grandeur captivates with broken rhythm, then asking a certain mystery in the unity of screaming and growling in the vocal part.
Thoughtfulness and mystery anticipates the twilight rattle of the Kingdom of Cruelty vocals screaming. The chime of mysterious notes sets an unclear intrigue of the development of Barbarian Misanthropy composition, exploding in a flood of unbridled drive into the development of motives. A very peculiar and memorable interpretation of the Die by the Sword (Slayer cover) song of the legends of music completes the album.