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The flame in the hearts is smoldering eternally

December 04, 2019
Schammasch - Hearts of No Light

A touching symphonic suite Winds That Pierce the Silence, charming by the notes of the piano with enchanting mysterious ghostly forebodings, introducing charming shades of the classical music charm, opens up the expanses of the Schammasch - Hearts of No Light album, acting as the introduction of the next composition Ego Sum Omega, that is developing the motives laid down in the symphonic introduction and transferring them to the gloomy limits of evil. After darkening to a frightening gloom, vocals enter the twilight limits of the musical atmosphere, complementing the frightening musical passages of a dark fairy tale with the sorcery of its part.
The mysterious romance A Bridge Ablaze with sublime clavier accompaniment and a vocal whisper ends with background chorales and sets an intriguing sacrament, which appears as an introduction to the rampart of the Qadmon's Heir furious drive, severely and powerfully rolling in waves of terrible darkness, pumping up the power and speed of its flow. Vocals restrains musical swiftness, completing deep vocal phrases that march along the verge of screaming and growling with inspired tunes of clean vocals. The mysterious sacrament with ghostly chorales on the background, like a connecting link between the compositions, goes into Rays Like Razors epic introduction, building a magnificent path for a vocal narrative that deeply and meaningfully narrates an important epic. Then the vocals becomes hardened, shrouded in the covers of overshadowed musical covers, however, preserving the charm of dark melody.
Then the I Burn Within You vocals go to the front edge of the musical image, enthralling musical passages to follow the path of the main motive indicated by his phrases. Cryptic musical ordinances of the A Paradigm of Beauty intro sets the direction for the development of musical motifs, then an obscure vocal whisper complements their twilight mysteries. Then the chime of the guitar strings is preceding the introduction of vocals to the full extent and the waves of the majestic musical anthem, crowned with vortices of bright guitar solo.
The symphonic charm of epic melodic musical passages significantly, reverently and reverently rolls the musical canvas of the Katabasis introduction, then the vocals proudly march with the banner of the medium-tempo anthem, offering and honoring the merits and deeds of the unforgettable heroes of antiquity, conveying legends about their exploits and tales of trials. Innermost, Lowermost Abyss ends the album with a self-contained musical essence, a contribution to which was brought by both invited musicians (which is the bewitching chime of acoustic flamenco flame), as well as other members of the band.