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September 20, 2017
Europica - Part One

Very interesting album, Europica - Part One. It has distinguished simply by amazing line-up - very well-known vocalists was invited to create this artwork, left an indelible style in the development of music, creating many trends and styles in it!
Starting with a confession, restrained, muffled and thoughtful, Unflagging (feat. Blaze Bayley) then plunges us into a stream of energetic drive.
The introduction is enveloped in a mystical fog, the chorus of children's voices anticipates unpredictable changes, This Land (feat. Fabio Lione, well known as Rhapsody, Vision Divine and as vocals in many other projects) vocals bring emotions and feelings to the top of the musical image.
The ballad Silently (feat. Ralf Scheepers) brings a considerable amount of romance, the vocalist's reflections envelop the thoughts of the past, future and fateful paths.
Energetic drive of The Patriot (feat. Tim Ripper Owens) again sweeps obstacles in its path, rushing into a impetuous impulse for the coming events.
Walking along the perimeter of the ohryanyaemoy territory, the guards sing in their march Frontier-Guard (feat. Tomek Horytnica) their combat merits, fights and battles.
Again a swift stream of musical revelations We'll Never (feat. Ralf Scheepers), vigorously chasing the assurance - that they never did that, and they did not do it in any way!
Playful, cheerful and joyful sounding Powder Dry (feat. Blaze Bayley) creates so undeniable faith in the unshakable hope, bright development of the current situation. Everything will be better, more necessary! All over, and over to the top! And again Shaman's (feat. Fabio Lione) ritual dancing around the fire, tinkling with his tambourine and summoning invisible spirits. People express incredible doubts, but they can not accomplish their plans without his spels and temptations.
What to do, thoughts and reviews is a very subjective thing, but I hope that readers will forgive me - the Unsounded Crosses (feat. Tim Ripper Owens) song that I've liked the most! Perhaps, Ripper's vocals hit the target exactly, marvelously combined with the accompaniment of this romantic ballad, but she left a magnificent impression! The concentrated dance of the guards of the homeland One Of Your Crowd (feat. Tomek Horytnica), which do not allow the handles of their weapons to cool down, rust their armor and stagnate horses, wraps up the completion of the album with a folkloric whirlwind, indicating that it is necessary to cherish over all.