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The first is not always the worst

September 10, 2020
Monstradamus - The Debut Album

The incredible improvisation of the guitar solo is combined with the progressive fracture of the rhythmic structure, the further development of The Voyage of the Genghis Green composition into a romantic tale of epic travels. The Forest Through the Trees continues the Monstradamus - The Debut Album album with a mesmerizing mystery. combining artistic reflections with psychedelic musical mystery.
As if throwing away the years The Rain seems to be returning to the 60-70s of the last century, bringing in the spirit of craving for adventure, striving for impressions and love. The Never Bring Me Down continues a similar style, transforming into the rebellious playfulness of the main motive, which again and again artistically and progressively breaks and supplements with vocal phrases.
Soaring in a whirlwind of unbridled drive, The Weight of Regret brings the zeal of freedom-loving adventure. But before the vocals begin, the music transforms into a thoughtful leisurely pace. The Magician romantic ballad takes you into the vastness of old memories, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere of epic mystery.
Carrying the listener into a leisurely waltz, the Lonely Again music and vocals intertwine in mesmerizing vortices of artistic mystery. The Priests and Politicians exposes lies and deceit, pumping waves of anxiety and premonitions with a pulsating drive. After a dark introduction, the Out of the Ordinary returns to the vastness of forgotten tales, ending the album with a unity of vocal alarm and musical severity.