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The fire in the sky will show true path

April 25, 2022
Escape (Gbr) -  Fire in the Sky

Inspired, joyfully and reassuringly, the Lost and Found song begins the Escape (Gbr) - Fire in the Sky album by bringing a modicum of thoughtfulness to the sound with the vocal part, rolling waves of freedom-loving perseverance filled with hope in the sound of the Heroes in the Night composition.
Assertively, unyieldingly and meaningfully, the Temptation song rolls out its musical canvas for the sake of marking a vocal procession anticipating the Restless Heart romantic ballad.
The sound of the Something to Believe In composition captures attention, dragging into a joint procession for the sake of achieving the set goals, developing in a more sensual and emotional sound of the Blinded by a Lie song the motives and directions indicated earlier.
Impatiently, mysteriously and fascinatingly, the Coming Home composition weaves vocals and music in a single whirlwind of sound, then rolling the Borderline waves of hopeful and inspired sound.
Pressure, drive and power raise the banners of the Destiny composition, crowned with vocal inspiration. The exciting sound of the Walk on Water song anticipates the completion of the album with the Fire in the Sky title track.