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The final trial of mankind

August 30, 2021
Graveland, 2021 -  Hour of Ragnarok

The Wolf of Twilight begins the twilight way of conceptual narration, rolling the musical cloth on the chosen path. The Graveland - Hour of Ragnarok title composition continues the procession on this path, emphasizing the conceptual essence of the musical narration.
The mystical mysteriousness of the sound is intertwined in the musical dusk and to commemorate the vocal recognition of the warlock, wrapping them together by music dusk of the Conspiracy of the Wizards composition. The Children of Hyperborea is uprising in the sparkling essays of the expected magnitude, complementing the vocal batch by choraces and symphonicity.
After the preparation and development of epic motifs, the vocal party goes to the fore, but again instrumental bridges make their own adjustments to the development of the Following the Azure Light musical fairy tale. The Three Gifts of the Gods is marching with the ascension of the banners of melodic magnifies in its intro. The Enlighted by the Wisdom of Runes places the aspenseness of symphonic charm, supplemented by mystical echoes of epic legends, preceding the gloomy mysteriousness of the River of Tears final composition of the conceptual album.