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The fiends of hell are so varied and unpredictable

June 21, 2019
Condescension - Hellbound

The epic intrigue of the Ghost of a Stranger introduction begins the Condescension - Hellbound album with the echoes of ancient legends, developing into the main motive with the introduction of vocals. Then the tempo drives the flow of restrained drive, creating a musical canvas of the majestic anthem.
The impetuous drive of the Spellbound to Resurrect intro develops in a militant manner, after the vocal comes in, rolling out a musical canvas of a confident and harsh march exploding in a stream of fast-moving musical passages in the chorus.
The impetuous musical whirl of the In the Wake of Chaos introduction thickens the twilight of the narration with the introduction of vocals, starting with the mid-tempo march, but gradually accelerating the flow of music despite the vocal tempo.
The harsh waves of the Into the Ash military march roll in the atmosphere of dark haze and confidently march through the atmosphere of evil and horror. Caedit Eos continues the musical narration, from the very beginning relegating the vocal part to the dominant role in the musical image and pulsing with waves of medium tempo narration.
Continuing the middle tempo style, the Insomnia music passages envelop vocal phrases with enchanting covers of epic symphony, captivating the listener with such an inspiring melody.
The title composition Hellbound completes the begun festival of the majestic symphony, exploding in furious streams of drive in the instrumental bridges and continuing these musical trends with the introduction of vocals. The Mourning Star completes the album starting with an acoustic romance, then epic influences of symphonic musical greatness envelops vocals phrases with charming covers of fascinating melody.