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The fiend of hell do not know fear and fatigue

September 13, 2018
Necrowolf - Hounds Ov Hell

The viscous twilight of the mysterious introduction envelops us with mysterious, majestic spells that captivate the unknown development of the composition and the Necrowolf - Hounds Ov Hell album as a whole. However, the title track points to a slightly different style - the good old thrash metal is shrouded in mystical shades, while preserving the inherent unbridled energy, stern rage and unrestrained power.
The mystical atmosphere is thrown off by an uncontrollable stream of Ritualistic Slaughter drive, rushing by an unrestrained stream of musical knights, tinkling with their weapons and metal armor around the vocal narration of a highly experienced warlock.
A soft, seductive beginning performs the minstrel to his lord in the Plague Of The Earth introduction, but then the rhythmic alarm precedes the furious drive, carried away by the squad of knights, hurrying to fight with the evil undead and the dead black knights.The instrumental bridges viscous despair pulls into the abyss of darkness, anticipating fierce guitar solo.
The introduction is developing theP.O.W. (Prisoner Of War) main motive in the round dance, then obeying its impetuous drive, winds it with turns of the canvas of the musical narration.
In the gloomy haze of the intro, a charming melody appears, then rhythmically hammering in the grids of change Surgeon Of Violence drives in the stubborn piles of the path, dark waves anticipating the unrestrained flow of furious drive.
Carrying away in the wave of simple and furious drive Warriors Of The Salt expands the stylistic shades of the album, complementing the dense and hard thrashing music with rapid musical passages the power of metal Bonus composition Mountain Troll (Bonus Track) complements the main part of the album, complementing the sound with epic heavy metal, recreating fabulous motifs and vivid melodic motifs.