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The fall from paradise

March 29, 2021
Skyborn - Paradise Falls

The Dark Era vocal part inflates with stubborn tunes, imparting some artistic echoes of guitar solos to instrumental fragments. The noise of the bad weather ends with the Lonesome Road swift whirlwind of guitar solo and vocal fury, giving the Skyborn - Paradise Falls album a unity of melody and drive. Particular attention should be paid to the guitar solo of the instrumental part, the Watch Me Now develops the musical motives laid down by the previous composition, giving them more rhythmic and persistent stylistic shades.
The Cheat music and vocals are intertwined in a more persistent musical stream, intertwining in a whirlwind of a rapid spiral. Rising in a whirlwind of fierce drive, the This Thing Called Fear still restrains the swiftness of musical fury with vocal reflections. Bringing the vocal part to the forefront, the Orphan Child builds up rebellious moods with vocal fury.
The musical austerity heightens the anticipation of disaster, but vocal reflections are combined with tunes of the World in Distortion melodic ballad. The Sex Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll pays homage to the legendary performer , complementing the album with a cover version of the inimitable hit.
The impetuous haste of musical impatience intensifies the impetuosity of the Cry Out sound, crowned with vocal severity. The Paradise Falls title track brings a progressive fracture of rhythmic essence and an artistic variety of stylistic shades to the album's sound. The Reaper's Revenge concludes the album with a frantic fusion of vocal energy and musical diversity, combining drive and melody.