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The face reveals the true essence

January 18, 2023
Mick Flannery - Mick Flannery

The soft muffled chime of the guitar strings complements the brooding vocal experiences, indulging in the sound of the Wasteland song memories and experience with a mysterious atmosphere in the background, continuing the Mick Flannery - Mick Flannery album with a gentle and soft soothing sound of the Must Be More composition, dispelling anxiety, doubts and concerns.
Vocals reflections are brought to the forefront of the unhurried and pensive Come Find Me ballad, which attracts many musical associates to cooperate in the vocal part, continuing with atmospheric peace and pensive peace of the musical story of the I've Been Right composition.
The Fool song brings the vocal story to the forefront of the musical image, giving emotional shades of sensuality to the sound, continuing with notes of sad memories of the How I Miss You musical story, which includes a lack of a loved one nearby. The vocal part of the main male vocals is complemented by the background singing of the singing lady - as if these memories are mutual and both lovers lack each other in different places. The lyrical story accentuates love experiences, shrouded in the sound of the Way Things Go song by the covers of the background keyboard suite, continuing the unity of male and female vocals in the choruses vocal part.
Entering with brooding keyboard passages, the Light A Fire composition then raises vocal reflections to the crests of its musical waves, continuing the vocal primacy and keyboard accompaniment in the Star To Star spiritual anthem and beginning the Dreamer John musical story with vocals lyrics and indulging in the inspired memories with the wise notes of the ballad of the experienced bard and his memories in the I'll Be Out Here final composition of the album.