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The exiled and the damned

January 08, 2022
Serpent Lord (GRC) - Towards The Damned

The vocal part immediately voices its importance in The Lesser Key musical story, then wending its way together with the musical passages through a haze of obscure foreshadowing. The drumming and martial drive of the Ambassador Of The New Age composition continue the musical narrative of the Serpent Lord (GRC) - Towards The Damned album with unyielding pressure and musical fury. According to the musical power, the vocals are occasionally brutalized. The Nephilim song continues the musical reflections with a leisurely procession of echoes of fairy tales and legends, unhurriedly rolling out the musical canvas of the fairy tale narrative.
Twisting the musical lace of the main motif in the introduction, the Sacrilegium composition accentuates it again and again in the instrumental bridges, in the rest of the fragments enveloping the vocals with its veils. Beginning with cryptic musings wrapped in echoes of sparkling epic motifs, the Evvuio Oitovo Iman musical tale then rushes into a rapid flight of sparkling drive, with the return of the vocals returning to the epic procession again.
The Sodom And Gomorrah instrumental guitar solo with flute shades captivates with melodic grandeur, serving as an intriguing introduction to the Serpent, The Lord self-titled composition, in which the music is brutalized by waves of guitar power topped with deep, velvet vocal phrases, combining power and melody in a dense and powerful mid-tempo march with echoes of ballad melody.
After an intriguing guitar solo introduction, the vocal part comes to the forefront of the unhurried and mysterious Blood Offering musical image, supplementing the main vocals with background chorus, enchanting the guitar solo of the instrumental part, immediately putting the vocals to the dominant role in the sound of the God Of Shadows song, anticipating the depth and importance of the Seed Of Divine final composition of the album, galloping rhythmic allure of rapid musical drive.