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The eternal flame never goes out!

September 05, 2019
Tank (GBR) - Re-Ignition

Playful mid-tempo march Walking Barefoot over Glass (Re-Recorded) begins the Tank (GBR) - Re-Ignition album, bringing together reissued and remastered hits together, inspired by vocal phrases. Power of the Hunter (feat. Tom Angelripper) (Re-Recorded) continues the musical narrative, complemented by the vocal features of the guest musician, whose vocals give the sound of the composition a harsh drive and an irrepressible rebellious character.
A whirlwind of keyboard passages sets the epic atmosphere of intro, then symphonic motifs complement the ornate solo with a thoughtful inspiration. The introduction of vocals gives the composition swiftness, emphasizing its title Just Like Something from Hell (Re-Recorded) again and again in the chorus. Playful motifs hover around vocal phrases mesmerizing the (He Fell in Love with a) Stormtrooper (Re-Recorded) main motive right into the introduction.
The mesmerizing guitar solo in the This Means War (Re-Recorded) introduction attracts attention, remaining at the forefront of the musical image until the vocals enter, then intertwining with his phrases again and again. Once again, the guest artist’s vocals transform the sound of the Shellshock (feat. Dani Filth) (Re-Recorded) composition, giving it some demonic shades.
The next song W.M.L.A. (Re-Recorded) discards the drive and sounds on the verge of a ballad and mid-tempo march. The bardic sagas and inspired legends of valor and deeds envelops the Honour and Blood (Re-Recorded) with epic atmosphere of ancient tales of heroes who raised the banner of victory to the heights of legendary battles.
A whirlwind of guitar passages weaves a spiral of the Blood, Guts and Beer (Re-Recorded) main motive, enveloping vocal phrases with mesmerizing shades. Echoes of a Distant Battle (Re-Recorded) again returns to the memory of ancient battles, lifting the main motive to the top of the musical image, transforming into a pulsating march with the introduction of vocals. The War Drags Ever On (Re-Recorded) completes the album, preserving a near-military style, but more enthusiastically raising the banner of the vocal part and varying the rhythmic structure in a more diverse way.