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The enemy is indicated - draw up extermination scheme

January 30, 2018
Condition Critical - Extermination Plan

Hard and furious stream of hatred and destructive drive Interminable Surgery starts album Condition Critical - Extermination Plan that smashes all around to pieces.
Fatal Incision continues to shatter and destroy, in a more torn, ragged and rhythmic march, preparing another wave of restless wrath.
As yet entering into the introduction of Intravenous Mutilation proud essence, the main motive gloomily and solemnly rolls the waves of sound to the verse, in which a swift drive carries off into a stunning sound, returning the brave motive in the bridges and chorus.
A thoughtful fog creeps with a mysterious gloom, then Voluntary Disfigurement sweeps a swift wave of the verse, dispelling the shrouded twilight, with sharp and furious vocal phrases giving strength and courage to sound. The pulsating solo of the bass guitar starts the title track Extermination Plan, entering a confident and precise march, carried away by a verse to the sky-high distances. Vocals restrain swiftness, but the first bridge picks up the pace to incredible limits. In the instrumental part, after the chorus, the stern march returns, anticipating a bright and majestic guitar solo.
Beginning with uncontrollable kinks, furious phrases and unrestrained drive, Ostracized in the first chorus sounds as harsh anthem, then again rushing into the drive stream, anticipating the repetition of meaningful instructions after a thoughtful instrumental bridge.
Furiously and meaningfully Vindictive Hostility raises a storm, blowing into gloomy limits, surrounding with terrible ghosts, emphasizing the end of tacts with confident phrases and slashing it with instrumental breaks. In the instrumental part, the guitar writes out incredible somersaults, combining contrasting musical genres and bringing a considerable amount of artistry and progressive musical ideas.
Thoughtfully twisted with a musical fog in the gloomy introduction, Genocidal Void completes the crushing and destructive music by a furious berserker, destroying all obstacles on his way.