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The End of the World is coming

September 04, 2017
Abonation - The Mortal World and Gallery End of Era

The album Abonation - The Mortal World and Gallery End of Era, so awfully and hopelessly named, Desolation of Anger begins. It combines both rapid, discouraging jerks, and melodic, vivid motifs, intertwined unite in single musical image.
Strictly knocking out the rhythmic fraction Paradigm Eve's sets the march into the introduction, with the vocal proving turning into a swift without, with alarm and concentration on the surrounding dangers. But then in the bridge there is a tender sensual melody, restoring the sensual atmosphere on the threshold of future troubles.
The pulsating power of the furious wave Euphoria Wajah Pendosa rolls over the stubborn shaft, shifting all the foundations from the usual places - the group iterupts the use of English lyrics, the vocals hides deeper, the guitar riffs comes to the forefront of the music. Manipulasi Harga Diri continues a deadly dance in the whirlwind dances, sweeping away all obstacles from their path, circling in the chosen direction.
Music Perang Takkan Pernah Berakhir becomes swift, from power and fury leaving in the direction of melody and mood, intertwining with the vocal in the enchanting flow of complementary shades, which is facilitated by the inclusion of keyboards notes and phrases of dreamy clean vocals.
Even more leads to the epic melody Terbukanya Replika Surga, supplementing the inherent drive style and rage with melodies that carry us to the dreamy expanses of unimaginable graces.
The church choir sings the faith to the sounds of the organ and, after using its native language, the group returns to the English lyrics in The Great Rises of ... . What energy and anger are pouring out is more stunning, but the melody still finds a place in this rampant musical element.
Perhaps the title track The End of an Era completes the album, unpredictably, but enthrallingly replacing riffs and motifs, bright and exciting leaving an unforgettable experience.