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The earth is trembling, everything on it is under threat

September 17, 2020
Cancerfaust - Let the Earth Tremble

Obscure and cryptic Ad Homine conversations that remain amid a muted musical rattle, delivering an intriguing introduction to the Cancerfaust - Let the Earth Tremble album's title track, in which vocals and music are intertwined in a mid-tempo dance of violent fury. Whipping up anxious anticipation, the Into the Void song accelerates the pace of the musical narration, alternating harsh vocal phrases with the fast-paced frenzy of guitar solos.
Twisted from side to side into a procession of a mid-tempo march with the echo of a robbery march, the Blood for Gods then rhythmically and harshly hammers in the rhythm of their march with vocal exclamations. Inflating the viscous passages of guitar riffs in the intro and first verse, then the To the Pyre explodes with accelerated indignation, complementing the vocal growling with screaming, but again returning to the mid-tempo viscosity. The guitar solo of the instrumental part captivates with majestic melody. The Let Them Fall immediately commemorates song's name, then repeats it over and over again.
Rising from oblivion in a dense rhythmic procession of a combat march, the Only Hatred Remains track will mark the formation of a musical image by bringing vocals to the fore. The Curse begins with echoes of an epic saga, then augmented by a combative guitar solo and a deadly dance with vocal rage. Combining frantic drumbeats with the progressive mystery of musical lace and deepening growling, the There is Nothing song anticipates the final composition of the album Ad Mortem, captivating with a bright and artistic guitar solo with echoes of medieval spells.