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The dying man cries out for support

August 13, 2020
Alone in the Mist - See Them Dying

The title composition intensifies the twilight of vague sadness, setting the main atmosphere of the musical essence of the Alone in the Mist - See Them Dying album. The main motive gives the outlines of vague hope, wrapped in veils of twilight mystery. The End Of Human Existence develops the musical motives of the previous composition, transforming them into viscous and painful motives of the dark anthem.
The keyboard notes of the mesmerizing symphony create the mysterious intrigue of the Carcass intr0, intertwined with the distorted echoes of vocal doubt. But the vocals, while retaining the squeaky rust of the sound, invoke waves of restrained drive. Vague mystery of the Autosuggestion track accentuates the main motive, complementing it with a dark whisper of vocal reflections.
After vague doubts and vague reflections, the Madness explodes with a wave of frantic drive, bound by the veils of mystical trends, fettering the excessive swiftness of musical passages and vocal rage. Self-titled Alone In The Mist track begins the album ending with a humming guitar solo, then combining it into a waltz with vocal doubt in a romantic atmosphere.