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The dying light is the birth of darkness

August 16, 2019
Dwarrowdelf - Of Dying Lights

The gloomy mystery of the northern legends thoughtfully and leisurely creates a bewitching atmosphere in the Dwarrowdelf - Of Dying Lights conceptual album's introduction, then piercing the narrative haze with a blade of rapid drive, while preserving, however, the grandeur of the narrative. Then the solo guitar retreats for a bewitching keyboards solo and weaves in the bewitching lace of the main motive, raising dreamy vocal passages to the top of the musical image of the Arien composition. The vocal finalizing the composition prepares for the inspired mystery of the romantic haze of the The Withering Woods intro, culminating in an explosion of drive, retreating at first under the onslaught of majestic vocal phrases, but returning in an unbridled race of instrumental bridges and overwhelming with dreamy inspiration of vocal phrases in choruses ending with an epic guitar solo.
Ghostly symphonic keyboard solos create a mesmerizing atmosphere that lifts the banner of the Where Daylight Dies anthem of northern tales, which the vocals then complement with dreamy shades. The mesmerizing symphony of the keyboard solo The Years of the Trees creates an atmosphere of wise thoughtfulness, enchanting the spell with northern charms, then the epic musical composition The Line of Thrуr blows with a banner of fabulous expanses, reviving forgotten ancient legends and invoking inspired vocal phrases to eternal attention.
A soft and sensual ballad Minas Anor envelops soft and gentle vocal phrases with the covers of mystical mystery, introducing waves of swift drive, piercing the instrumental bridges with light winds. The bewitching melodic covers of the dark symphony precede the development of the final composition of the album Home of the Dead, in which the vocals are hardened from dreamy clean to the inherent in black metal screaming.