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The digital wasteland of future generations

September 12, 2020
Nervosa (GBR) - Wasteland

The soft and light musical passages set the stage for vocal reflections. But then the music brings epic shades, developing them in an artistic and mesmerizing sound of the Chevron instrumental part, at first introducing the rhythm of restrained swiftness, but then artistically and progressively developing the motives of the previous melody.
Soft romanticism of acoustic guitar solo combined with keyboard passages begins with the The Wasteland, Pt. 1 instrumental saga the dilogy of the Nervosa (GBR) - Wasteland album's title composition. Entering the soft march of an artistic keyboard solo the The Wasteland, Pt. 2 complements the vocal reverie with a sublime atmosphere of musical grandeur.
Music with a wistful gait creates the atmosphere of a romantic ballad, the Prelude music complicates the rhythmic essence in progressive inspiration, complementing the ascension of vocal tonality with sublime musical passages. The artistic Countrycore introduction is complemented by the inspirational tunes of female vocals, taking the feeling of romanticism to unattainable heights and crowning the finals of the measure with artistic guitar passages. Further, the brooding of sublime the Circle of Friends melody completes the album, bringing the inspired improvisations of the saxophone solo into the musical essence.