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The demonic essence is so unexplored

November 14, 2019
Mayhem (NOR) - Daemon (Bonus Tracks Version)

Exploding with a furious musical drive, entwining vocal thoughts and guesses with a twilight haze, song begins the Mayhem (NOR) - Daemon (Bonus Tracks Version) album, pumping up ghostly speculations and rebelling with a majestic narration of The Dying False King proud warlock. Agenda Ignis reinforces the musical narration and twists a denser twilight and obscure shadows, then the vocal part shuffles the variations, focusing on the mysterious medium-tempo narration.
But Bad Blood scatters the thickening dusk and is driven by a swift musical drive, complementing it with thoughtful vocal doubts. But the final part of the composition focuses on emphasizing the name again and again, rolling in an unhurried musical dusk with the mysterious mysteries of guitar solos. Enveloping vocal phrases with a bewitching musical mystery, Malum wraps its passages around the main motive of the vocal part. Forcing some acceleration of tempo, Falsified And Hated music remains on the verge of an average tempo, however, tossing up an unrestrained wave of instrumental drive in bridges. But then, rising from the shadows, obscure reviews return the musical narrative to the progressive trends of the mid-tempo twilight anthem.
Fascinating with unclear echoes of ancient enchantments, the sound of Aeon Daemonium embodies the reviews of mystical sacraments and unknown spells rise, transforming the musical coverings known only to them. Forcing fast-moving whirlwinds of rampant drive, the Worthless Abominations Destroyed music delays the entry of vocals, vocal tunes and indistinguishable charms, prayers and sermons first appear in the vocal part, casting out unholy magic and malicious demons. But, rising in the gloomy outlines of an obscure twilight, the Daemon Spawn whirlwind of demons reveals the essence of their being, waiting to be summoned and slowly moving towards the greatness and significance of their rule. Then a whirlwind of vocal and musical passages sweeps up an uncontrollable stream of darkness and anger, but again returns to a pulsating medium-tempo significance. But having gained power and power, it flies away in the merestrained stream Of Worms And Ruins drive, demolishing any obstacles on its way and twisting the vocal part from the alternation of screaming and growling. Invoke The Oath completes the main part of the album, mesmerizing with a mysterious introduction, returning again to the initial parts of the fragments, then offering up a bowl of musical greatness and epic delight.
But this release also implies a bonus part - first Everlasting Dying Flame (Bonus Track) alternates an uncontrolled drive with bewitching tunes of twilight hymns, then Black Glass Communion (Bonus Track) dances in the dark mystery of a demonic dance.