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The dead will outlive the living

February 11, 2023
Asphyx - Necroceros

Viscously, assertively and sternly, The Sole Cure is Death song begins the musical narrative of the Asphyx - Necroceros album, then billowing with a whirlwind of swift drive, crowned with a vocal narrative foreshadowing the manifestation of the musical procession of the Molten Black Earth twilight march, wrapping around the musical procession with covers of gloomy solemnity, continuing the rhythmic and assertive step of musical sound in the procession of the Mount Skull composition, driven by the vocal part. But then the music rises in a rapid flight of accelerated and hurried drive, wrapping around vocals phrases.
Marching with a confident step, full of significance and valor, the vocal part leads to the procession of the Knights Templar Stand main motif, dancing in the epic dance of the final part, continuing the musical story of the album with the Three Years of Famine gloomy fairy tale, enveloping the sorrowful atmosphere of past losses, receding before the playful and unrestrained rush of the Botox Implosion musical thriller.
Rolling out the musical canvas before the vocal procession, the In Blazing Oceans march fascinates with the significance of the vocals narrative, complemented by sparkling musical covers, continuing the mid-tempo rhythmic procession in the sound of The Nameless Elite composition, then maintaining the assertiveness of the sound with some acceleration of the tempo in the sound of the Yield or Die song and completing the album with a long variety and artistry of the sound of the Necroceros title track.