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The darkness stores a lot of tales

November 01, 2019
L'ira Dell'Agnello - A Tale Of Darkness

The title track begins the L'ira Dell'Agnello - A Tale Of Darkness album with a thoughtful dusk, twisted by a ghostly fairy in the guitar solos of instrumental bridges. Then the soft acoustic guitar sorting fingering of A Moth song, that sounds like a lullaby, enchanting with a soothing vocal narrative, shrouded in the twilight fog of the musical background, which rises in epic coverings in wordless tunes.
Continuing thoughtful reflections, in the chorus of Kinder Der Nacht song from the background, the storyteller questions complement invisible ghosts. Then the Lucifugum bard’s tunes come to the forefront of the musical image, slowly and thoughtfully narrating demonic legends and awesome tales that inspires heroic sagas.
The rustling leaves of a full forest, the singing of invisible birds make up the background of the Midnight Hunt acoustic guitar symphony. My Grave continues the bewitching melody, complementing the chime of guitar strings with variations of keyboards, wind instruments, enveloping vocal phrases with bewitching musical lace. The sounds of nature - the chirping of crickets, the hoot of an owl and The Buried atmosphere of a night forest complement rare and soft guitar notes and careful vocal phrases. Then the guitar and vocals scatter the nightly fears and embody their passages in A Desolate Walk enchanting romance.
The charming bardic saga Winter takes to the space of fairy tales, magical transformations, enveloping the instrumental bridges with vocal melodies and guitar riffs with the covers of a keyboard symphony. Dead Soul ends the album with a thunderstorm and downpour, mourning a bleak ending