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The darkness of night sometimes so tempting

November 13, 2018
Sangre de Muérdago - Noite

Weaving instrumental romance by weaving a string of romantic chants of stringed instruments Medianoite begins the Sangre de Muérdago - Noite album with enchanting melody, full of acoustic chime strings and the melody of violin melodies.
Indulging in the memories Xuramento envelops the vocals with covers of light sadness, the vocals thoughtfully recalls the passed tests, as if reliving the battles they had gone through, intermingling their phrases with soft and mesmerizing melodies of instrumental passages.
The beats of the drums ends in a brooding calm O Canto Do Luar romance, sounding like an introduction to the subsequent composition A Chamada De Neboa, which develops the main motive into a magnificent melody, complementing it with various shades. In the vocal part, male vocals complement female with a gentle and caring background.
Instrumental Roubando O Vino Do Fauno suite pumping the twilight shaft and compacting the sound of the album creates some breathing space, as if giving the opportunity to rethink and better perceive what has been heard. Echoes of nature, crickets, frogs, owls and the spirit of evening thinking Longa Noite De Pedra removes a more intense and harsh sound, intertwining vocal duet with incredibly calm and gentle accompaniment. A charming melody sets the leitmotif of the A Danza Das Animas composition, the vocal splits into two - supporting the melody from the bottom and singing with dreamy sublime phrases over the instrumental canvas, intertwining the phrases with the female vocals. In the instrumental part, the leitmotif is fully manifested, captivating with its spellbinding sound.
Instrumental passages weaves laces, resembling soaring fairy-tale creatures in the illusory forest, instrumental composition Lume De Solsticio inspires with its emotional sound.
Resting after emotional and sensual whirlwinds O Caminante Coxo weaves gentle romantic covers, shrouding vocal phrases with soft and bewitching romantic trends.
Reviving medieval musical traditions Marineiros sets the sound, as if centuries have not passed - noblemen and knights are still inspired by tired musicians after battles and negotiations.
Acoustic guitar fingering sets the direction for the O Descanso vocal chorals, then the flute complements the instrumental bridge with a wave of inspiration and fabulous notes.
The orchestral passages intertwines with the vocals into the O Amor song's intro, but then sadly instrumental motifs complete the composition and the whole album.